July 15, 2014


By Janice D. Krantz


The gift of the marathon is our growth, not just as writers, but as participants in the human experience.  It’s a growth that can be measured not by the number of pieces published or journals filled, but by that internal, immeasurable sense...

July 13, 2014


By Melanie Plesh


I’m at the window of Molly’s at the Market, somewhere in the flux between outside and inside. Behind me is the clatter of people letting their guards down.  Angels and alley cats are working things out at the bar. Two men are arguing about Stonehenge...

July 13, 2014


By Margaret Westmoreland


The New Orleans Writing Marathon is professional development for my soul. Yes, it's helped me become more adventurous as a writer, and yes, it's helped me be a better teacher of writing, but the greatest gift the New Orleans Writing Marathon h...

July 12, 2014

By Michelle Hebert Russo


Just last week, I had lunch with two of my writing project friends whom I don’t see often enough. Life happens, teaching happens, kids happen, all while time and distance seem to consume the months between our get-togethers. We sat and talked w...

July 11, 2014

By Annabel Servat


Scene:  At Harry’s Corner Bar in the French Quarter; a brindle greyhound and her owner come in; both sit on barstools as the man orders.  She has a white bib, natural ears, and an engaging smile in her golden brown eyes.  She is draped over the s...

July 8, 2014

By Kim Stafford


She was slumped against the wall on Decatur Street, close to midnight, crying. At her feet was a shrine—candles burning, flowers scattered, coins strewn, notes scrawled on scraps of paper, jack of diamonds, and a record-album cover showing a bullet plo...

July 6, 2014


By Marley Stuart



I used to get nervous when a writing marathon was approaching. What would I write about? What if nothing came? What if all my friends began scribbling away, and I was left staring at the blank page?


Kim Stafford writes in The Muses Among Us about the...

July 4, 2014

By Susan Martens


Dear New Orleans,


I can’t thank you enough for your warm hospitality this week, especially for such a motley crew as a bunch of writers.  But, then again, you’ve always been kind to writers.


Yesterday I had my beautiful writing marathon mome...

July 3, 2014


RIchard Louth and Melanie Plesh writing in Molly's window.


By Richard Louth


The unofficial home of the New Orleans Writing Marathon is an Irish pub called Molly’s at the Market, and during a typical marathon 20-30 writers can be found drifting in and out over the cou...

July 1, 2014

By Tracy Ferrington


Last week a friend said to me, “You have some down time now.  I bet you’re getting in some writing.”  


“No,” I said.  “But I cleaned my whole house top to bottom and re-organized all the files on my computer.”  That was more appealing than...

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